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Nov 4, 2004
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Not on 1G headphones

1G iPod earphones are to big for the EarJamsand will not fit at all so you'll have to acquire some newer ipod earphones. I bought a set for £8 from ebay so i didn't have to buy a remote that i can't use along with them).

You can tell if your earphones will fit by looking at the pattern of the holes in the metal grill on the earbud. If its in a sort of star shape or lines emanating from the centre with ~1/2 mm holes then the earjams will not fit, if there is no discernible pattern and it looks like a mesh with <0.1 mm holes then the earjams will fit. These newer style earbuds were bought in with 2G or 3G 'big' iPods (as opposed to mini or shuffle) so if your scroll wheel is touch sensitive then i don't think you have to worry

Other than that they're fantastic!!


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Jun 26, 2005
I agree. At first I thought the bass was a little heavy, but I got used to them and now I don't know how I lived without them. They pretty much double volume output and seal out outside noise much better than the stock earbuds. If you want some higher quality earbuds than the stock provided by Apple, but want to preserve the white fashion statement and aren't much of an audiophile, EarJams are a great way to achieve this. They're also very inexpensive compared to a new pair of headphones.


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Aug 1, 2005
Anyone else have any testaments? I think these seem like a good investment...ah, I think I'll get them anyway. They're reasonably priced.


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Jun 24, 2004
I bought them out of curiosity more than anything else - and was very thankful I already had ordered some ER-6i's.
The are a great little idea, but just don't work in the way I thought they would. For one, the earphone now has to sit outside of the ear due to the thickness of the EarJam attachment, and because of this it just won't give a true seal with the silicon buds. The fit is just terrible.

Which is a shame as audibly they do exactly what they are supposed to. The bass gets a huge boost, slightly at the cost of treble which gets slightly tinny, but acceptable.

However I do have to totally disagree with rbeau - they are in NO WAY a subsitute for a highend set of earbuds - and even Griffin don't make the mistake of making such a bold boast. If you don't mind the imperfect fit, and the oddity of having your Apple earphones being worn outside of your ear, you'll be alright. I got mine for £0.01 on eBay (obviously plus p&p took it up to around £5) and if you can get them for this much or cheaper they're worth a quick look.
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