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Discussion in 'iPod Gear Discussion' started by iPodGear, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Apr 10, 2005
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    I confess I didn't read the article but after owning an iTrip Mini for a while thought i'd post a few bits of info on it...

    1. It's illegal to use the device in the UK without a broadcasting licence which costs many thousands of pounds. Radio stations like Radio 1 have to buy these licences. Without the licence you are technically a pirate radio station. Many shops wont sell them for fear of having stock confiscated, or even worse, being sued. Best places to get them are from eBay or some iPod accessory mail/internet companies. Thanks to the iTrip Mini, I am breaking the law several times a day! :)

    2. It does drain the battery faster, but not by much. Maybe shaves off 30-60 minutes.

    3. If you tap the top of the unit whilst its in use you get a thump noise. Can be fun to add extra bass to your favourite club tracks hehehe

    4. On the top of the iTrip Mini is a sticker, not a solid plastic cover. You can peel back this label to reveal a small flexible aerial. Be gentle with it because it's not too strong. Could be useful if you can't get a good signal, although I've never had any trouble like that.

    5. Cars with heated windscreens can cause interference, so I'm told.

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