Gripes with iWork 06, slow typing, keynote not as user freindly


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May 30, 2006
A bit of history: Windows user looking for Mac replacement notebook with capability to export import MS office files for work presentations and general short word documents.
I spent about an hour playing around with iwork tonight on an macbook and here are my gripes:
1. niether program seems as customizeable as office, the best analogy I can come up with right now is imagine you have two cars, one is a capable sports car with modifications to make it go fast and perform well on the track. Then you have another sports car that is meant for car shows, a trailer queen if you will, with 19 LCDs, 4 12" subs, 22" chrome rims with spinners, and enough fiberglass body kit and neon light to make it visible from the moon. Ok stick with me the sports car seems to be office in that it's rather bland but works fast and focuses on function whereas iwork seems to be designed to look really damn fancy and, well be slow and cumbersome.
I will say however that on the intel macs the mac word seemed to be typing like it was echoing what I was trying to type... sooo slow. I guess I can't win.
2. sales person told me everything from word will import in without any problem at all (I have read too much to the contrary)
3. keynote master slides are not adjustable, example changing the size/shape of picture box on picture slides (can you create your own masters for future use?)
4. too much trying to sell me on all the rediculous crap keynote does to "build out" and "build in" each slide. To me I would much rather have more power over the desing then wast my time with stupid checkerboard build out.
5. I am concerned that when I do present a keynote presentation that it will come up on the projector with the huge black border around it.

Anyone have anything to say? I would like to have power like in office, but not have it be slooooow from being emulated through rosetta. I guess my prayers will be answered when microsoft makes office universal.

oh yeah and safari was rediculously slow... not a way to sell a machine i might add

IJ Reilly

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Jul 16, 2002
1. Rather than providing an analogy, could you perhaps specify what sort of "customization" you wish to do?

2. Imports will work fine for most purposes, but some formatting may not always translate from Word to Pages. The Word document format is proprietary, so importing is always inexact.

3. Yes, you can create your own templates in Keynote, but this is an advanced effort. As for photos, you don't need to use the pretty frames. Just drag the photo in.

4. I don't understand this comment. If you don't want to use transitions, then don't.

5. No, this won't happen. Keynote will scale up to fit if necessary (it's in the preferences), but you should always try to anticipate the resolution of the projector and your create presentation in that resolution.


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Jan 28, 2006
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I too am new to the Mac world, having got an Intel iMac in January. I installed the MS Office 2004 for Mac, and it works wonderfully! I tried the iWorks trial, it worked well also but I didn't see where it offered anything over MS Office, which I am more familiar with. Plus it doesn't come with Excel, a program I can't live without. As for iWorks being slow, I suspect you have an issue with setup or something, my Mac is a rocket with any program! The only time i have a problem with Safari is when trying to load a page from a slow server. The advantage of the Mac is not in iWorks, but in MacOSX, I haven't had a virus, popup, lockup, freeze up, crash, or anything since i switched.