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Feb 21, 2005
Don't buy the Spigen. I had the Ultra Matte version. Install was okay, but product quality is terrible - and the 'Matte' is a glossy finish which is slippery. I ended up removing it throwing it away. I would recommend looking at the Best Skins Ever. It has positive feedback on the forum.


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Save your $$$ the anodised finish on the MacBook is extremely durable, wrapping it in plastic is akin to showering with your waterproofs on :)

FWIW I use my Mac Notebooks for work, frequently traveling internationally as a function of my profession. None of my Mac`s current or retired has ever had issue with scratches etc. I use a sleeve and a decent quality travel bag. Personally wrapping you Mac in plastic very much detracts from the experience of owning a Mac Notebook and serves little to no purpose, enjoy your Mac as it was intended :)

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