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    GrooveMaker Holiday Special! 50% off ALL Titles until January 3, 2011
    Save 50% on all GrooveMaker packs for iPhone and iPad!


    To celebrate the holiday season, IK Multimedia is offering a 50% discount on all GrooveMaker apps for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store until January 3rd, 2011.

Each pack includes between 4 and 5 songs (after registration), which adds up to more than 300 loops. This is your chance to choose your favorite groove at a great price. So, help celebrate this holiday season and download your favorite GrooveMaker for iPhone and iPad today! Check out some of the GrooveMaker video and audio demos.

    Learn more about making music with GrooveMaker for iPhone and iPad.

    Check out all versions of GrooveMaker for iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad.
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    Petra Systems

    Nov 19, 2010
    Its really big app - I am ipressed, keep it lock!

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