Grr! Why doesn't iTunes sync the song rating from my iPod!! :mad:

Discussion in 'iPod' started by motulist, May 23, 2008.

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    Dec 2, 2003
    My iPod Classic is great, but man, iTunes sucks! On my iPod I rate songs low that I want to remove. Then I sync it with iTunes many times. Then much later I get around to removing the low rated songs from my iPod. Then I go to my iTunes library to see which new songs I want to add to my iPod, but none of the ratings got synced from my iPod to iTunes! So I don't know which songs I've already chosen to not keep on my iPod! That sucks!

    Looking at my iPod through iTunes right now I see plenty of rated songs. I hit iTunes' Synchronize button for my iPod, it says it's syncing, all my old podcasts are removed and new ones are loaded. Then I go to my iTunes library and none of the song ratings got synced!

    WTF! Just because I want to be in control of which songs I have on my iPod instead of having iTunes randomly do it for me through their so-called mis-named "sync music" option, does that mean I can't sync any meta-data I've added to my songs? That's so lame!

    This is just one of the many major flaws that iTunes has which makes using iTunes very annoying and limiting to me.

    Why does iTunes suck so hard?!?


    If anyone knows a way that I can set iTunes to sync song meta data but let me manually manage which songs are on my iPod, then please tell me how.
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    May 10, 2008
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    <sense>iTunes only syncs stars from your iTunes Library to iPod, not the reverse</sense>
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    I have seen posts here from others that are much smarter about iTunes than I am. But I am doing something similar to what I think are are trying to do. My song rating carry across to my iPod. Then if I change the rating on my iPod that song rating goes back and updates the rating in my computer and updates the playcount.. I then go in and delete the '1 stars' and it updates my iPod next time I sync. I initially enter new music with a 3 start rating. I created a smart playlist called 'under review' where I tell it to load music with a 3 star rating and that has been played 3 or fewer times. After it has played it 3 times it removes itself automatically from the 'under review' smart playlist and it either stays (with a 3,4 or 5) star rating in the appropriate genre based smart playlist - or gets blown away if it has a 1 star rating (done manually when I sync with my computer). When my iPod is connected to my computer I have mine set on the iTunes Summary page to 'Sync only checked songs' and in the iTunes 'Music' page I have checked those playlists I want it to sync. Almost all of my playlists are smart playlists. You should be able to sync rating and playcount back and forth between iPod and iTunes. I don't know about other metadata though. I'm getting confused so I'd better stop :)

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