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    Oct 28, 2008
    I got one of these for general archive but occasionally i open up a Pro Tools or Logic project directly from it. However, both programs report that they 'cannot get audio fast enough' and suggest firewire (800) congestion or similar. This is whilst playing back a single stereo track! The error occurs every 10mins or so of light editing.

    I emailed Hitachi who aid that while the drive is only intended for archive it should be capable of playing back such a small amount of audio and that they did not have a solution to my issue.

    The problem only exists with this drive and not my other, older, supposedly slower drives (FW400 for example)

    Snow Leopard 10.6.8
    Protools 8, Logic 9

    'Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting the Hitachi GST Technical Support Center.

    The G-Safe is not designed for streaming or editing this drive is desiegned for storage purpose.
    Can you please run AJA System Test and let me know the result'

    Results of Test:
    write 58.8MB/s
    read 72MB/s

    Any ideas...Something to do with it being a mirrored RAID set?
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    Could be almost anything but if the vendor stated that the product wasn't designed for streaming, you'll probably be better off looking for a different solution.
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    i pretty much resigned myself to just accept it.

    just seems curious that, when tested, normal transfer rates appear of 70MB/s. However the transfer rate of 1411kbps (one stereo track) is enough to halt it long enough for programs to run out of data, constantly.

    hey ho.

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