GTA III & GTA: VC cider keyboard input issues

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Sep 12, 2008
Ok, so i download cider ports of both GTA III and Vice City, and both worked fine for a bit, but i got sick of using my keyboard. So using OSCulator, i tried mapping the relevant keys to my wii remote, only it didn't seem to work very well. Whenever i loaded or started a new game, my character would constantly run forwards and to the left as if the 'W' and 'A' keys were being pressed down. Consequently, the only way i could get him to stop was to hold down the 'S' and 'D' keys.

Does anyone have any advice on what i've done wrong? Seeing as it is affecting both games i thought it may be something to do with the cider preferences but i dont know how to change them back or reset them. Can anyone help me?


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Apr 6, 2007
Yes, you asked for help with a pirate game. Either buy it or work it out yourself.
It's quite possible that he owns a legal version. Either way, I'm quite sure that he would have the same issues had he purchased the game in store. I am quite certain that the issues are being caused by the Wii Remote, not Cider or the game.

Simply put, the Wii Remote is very sensitive so it can be a pain to work with, and so I don't reccomend it for games unless say, you have it running with GlovePIE, which sadly, to the best of my knowledge will only run under Windows, since it is essentially a hardware emulator I believe.
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