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    Have has three GTech drives. One failed (replaced), one the power supply failed, and one still works like a champ. I bought a new one recently 2TB, and had problems from day one. Called G-Tech, and the tech walked me through reformatting. He told me that this was the newest model, and when the first one were shipped, they weren't formatted correctly at the factory.

    It worked well for a while. I'would be working on my (Power Mac tower), and Time Machine would give me a fault code of "Time Machine Couldn't Back Up..."
    I would eject (have to actually force eject) the drive, shut it down, power back up, and Time Machine would back up perfectly fine. It still fails every so often.
    Last night I called G-Tech, we reformatted again, and the Tech told me that I needed to eject the drive, and turn it off when I put the machine to sleep.

    Are you kidding me? I never had that issue with the prior G-Tech drives? They are built for MAC, so they know that MAC units do go to sleep.
    Anybody buying this, or does this unit need to go back?
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    Maybe you never had problems with them until now but I had one years ago with a PATA disk inside and it was slow and had many issues, unmounting regulary without user input, not mounting and then unplug and plug it in again worked.
    These were with a certain chip inside (Firewire) which had that problem and after they got a different chip inside these drives were better.
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    Meter says yes. :)

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