Guide: Apples Remote Desktop service to allow VNC connections

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    This is a guide taken from Macworld Magazine: For this project you need ARD 2.1. I noticed that this isn't default in 10.3, so download it from Install it, then follow the instuctions below.

    "You can enable it by Apples Remote Desktop service to allow VNC connections by go to the Services tab of the Sharing preference pane (System Preferences), selecting Apple Remote Desktop, and then clicking on Access Privileges. Enable the VNC Viewers May Control The Screen With Password option and create a password. Make sure that at least one user in the list at the top left of the dialog box has the On box selected, too - otherwise, you won't be able to connect. If you use the OS X firewall, click on the Firewall tabe and select the Apple Remote Desktop (5900, 3283) option. If you run your own firewall, open those same ports.

    To connect to the machine you've just configured, you'll need a VNC viewer on your traveling Mac. The main one these days is Chicken of the VNC (free; Launch Chicken of the VNC, enter your remote Mac's IP adress and the password you created in the Host and Password boxes, and click on Connect. If everything works, you should now see your remote desktop displayed on your local Mac."

    I didn't know you could use the ARD to do a VNC connection. I felt that I needed to share this sweet find.
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    OH! Just what I was looking for to connect from my linux box! Great tip!

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