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Oct 25, 2010
i've spilled like 7 times water over the trackpad (yeah im dumb ******) but this time the trackpad went dead... literally, of course repairing it was 600USD here in chile, so i went after a diy solo repair. please be warned that you can heavily damage your computer if you don't know how to do this things, take some time to learn I've disassembled many macs so i went all in on this :)

you need a couple of things:
- IPA (Isopropilic Alcohol)
- 3m doble face contact
- a good pair of screws (i use the iFixit kit)
- something plastic like a ruler to loose the batteries
- syringe

So, the first thing, follow a good guide like iFixit to get the motherboard off and also speakers.

Now the tricky part! the IPA "melts" the glue which the batteries are stick to the aluminum case, i used almost 250cc of IPA, don't be shy, get those cells floating on IPA :) start with a ruler to pull up very softly the external batteries when you feel you advanced, put the syringe and inject heavily the IPA. repeat 1000 times! it took me 30 mins at least to get the external 4 cells.

The two mid cells are more easy, you'll see in the photo that they are on a metal plate, you just need to loose that, please be careful not to damage the trackpad making pulls, take good care about that.

all good? yeah but messy! the melted glue is all over the place, is time to clean a little bit. i didn't remove all the black glue, i really don't minded...

so what i noticed is that the batteries in the low part that connect each other have a looooooot of soft glue, of course all became useless and i had to take the black cover and clean all. replaced some parts with electrical tape and all good.

Then i injected hard IPA onto the trackpad, cleaned all. and with a hair dryer get all ready to assemble again.

after that, i putted 3m doble contact to get the cells glued again but just a little bit in case the trackpad was dead and i had to buy a new one. Also i didn't remove the black glue from the cells, didn't want to damage them or anything.

so... assemble again, get a beer, sit down and power up your mac. for me? all became excellent, the trackpad was as new, got a clean new computer inside and the battery worked flawlessly :) i wrote the guide on my mac with no problemo amigo!

hope this guide help you all, 1/10 repair my ass hahahaha its a patience thing. also a note. you can "pull up" the cells carefully or if you have a little metal ruler you can carefully cut in half the glue (is what i did thats why it seems so messy)

well guys, thank you very much its my first time making a guide for you since this community rocks :) please don't comment if its not a constructive one !


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Apr 2, 2007
I have one question. How did you spill water on the trackpad 7 times?

Do you use your MacBook Pro by a pool?
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