GUIDE: How to Find Wallpaper in Screenshots

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    Quickest Method (one step)

    I use the 'Search by Image' feature on which allows you to upload an image (or paste a URL) and then find matching images (sometimes in larger sizes) and the pages they appear on.

    You might think that uploading a screenshot would only return exact matches for that screenshot, but if the original wallpaper was popular enough (or mostly uncovered by icons), it will show up in your results.

    Mobile Method (same results - two steps)

    By default, uses a mobile site that doesn't include the 'Search by Image' feature, so you must request the desktop version.


    After that, the process is nearly identical to the Quickest Method above. Just make sure you have the image saved to your camera roll or that its URL is copied.

    Content-Aware Fill Method (better results - five steps)
    Content-aware fill can be done online; Photoshop not required.

    If the Quickest Method fails due to the large number of icons or text covering the screenshot, you might get better results by shoddily removing the obscurities with content-aware fill.

    1. allows you to content-aware fill but requires that you sign up (for free). NOTE: It doesn't require email confirmation, so get creative and make up a random email address.


    2. Hitting the 'Sign Up' button logs you in immediately, prompting you to upload an image.


    3. Uploading an image throws you into Weblnpaint's editor. Draw over everything you wish to remove (no need to be too precise) and hit the green 'Run' button.


    4. DO NOT bother clicking the 'Download' button; that will only bring you to a payment page. Instead, take a cropped screenshot (Command-Shift-4) of the final product right from the editor.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 9.38.12 PM.png

    5. There's the completed content-aware reconstruction. Not perfect, but good enough for's search algorithms, so upload the damn thing.
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    I thought I'd say thank you. You've been a great help with us in the wallpaper threads.

    You're awesome!

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