Guide: Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X - Server Setup

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    Ok, so you're having problems with your Mac OS 9 machine connecting to a Mac OS X based server.

    What do you do to get your server to show up in the Chooser menu?
    First, on your server, go to Apple -> System Preferences -> Network -> Show -> Built In Ethernet (or however it is connecting) -> AppleTalk -> Make AppleTalk Active.

    Now, go on your OS 9 machine... Apple -> Chooser -> AppleShare (click it once) -> To the left, you should see your server in the "Select a file server:" box - if you don't, you did something wrong, pm me if you have problems.

    Make sure File Sharing is turned on on your Classic machine!
    How to: Apple -> Control Panels -> File Sharing -> File Sharing on -> Start -> Click the "Enable File Sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP" and you should be set!

    Hope that helps a little bit. :)
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    Gosh, I thought this was going to help someone. :(
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    It would have been more helpful if you had made your "guide" in the Guides.

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