GUIDE: Retina SSD Replacement

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    I have a rMBP, 2.3/16/256 and I was able to get a Samsung 512GB SSD from a display model rMBP so I decided to make a quick video showing the painless procedure of swapping out the the SSD in a rMBP with another Samsung or OWC SSD.

    You will need;

    • Pentalobe 5 Driver
    • Torx T-5 Driver
    • New SSD from Apple/Samsung or OWC.
    • 5 Minutes or less for physical swap.
    • *Swap Data from Old SSD to new SSD

    I highly recommend the Samsung over the OWC since it is faster and the Samsung doesn't use the Sandforce controller, where as the OWC SSD does.

    *To get all my data from the old SSD I used CCC to make a bootable clone of my current SSD to a USB3 External Hard Drive. Once the clone was done, I physically swapped out the SSDs. I then booted from the External HDD, once in OS X, I then used CCC again to make a bootable copy of my External HDD to my SSD installed. You can also just do an Internet Recovery of OS X if you want to do a clean install or if you do not have an external HDD to clone to.

    For those wondering, I have an iCarbons White Carbon Fiber vinyl.
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    thank you for sharing Orlando! my next MBP might be a retina...

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