Guide to changing FaceTime icon.

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    Hello all,

    As much as i welcome FaceTime to my mac, i really didn't like the look of the icon sitting in my dock.

    As i like to keep my dock populated with apps that i use regularly i want to keep FaceTime there so i went and slightly altered the icon and found it a little tricky to change using the conventional methods.

    So as well as sharing my new icon (which is just the actual FaceTime icon without the triangle on the right) i thought i would put together a wee guide in case anyone else wants to do so.

    Step 1. Navigate to the FaceTime application in the Applications folder (or wherever you have stored it in Finder)

    Step 2. Right click on the application icon and select show package contents.

    Step 3. Navigate through the internal folder structure to find the file Contents/Resources/FaceTime.icns

    Step 4. Using my .icns file or one of your creation (i created mine using a png i converted on this link replace the existing FaceTime.icns with your new file (Make sure its named FaceTime.icns too case included)

    I would suggest backing up the original in case you want to revert to it.

    Step 5. Navigate back to the FaceTime app in the Applications folder and right click on it and select 'Get Info'.

    In the Get Info dialog window try adding an image file using the conventional technique (either draggin the image to the thumbnail or copying and pasting). It should only show a file icon and not your new icon. At this point highlight the thumbnail and hit delete. This will tell Finder to revert back to the default icon for FaceTime, which if you have followed my steps will be the custom icon you placed in the FaceTime Package folder.

    There you go.... hope this is helpful to anyone.

    Here is the png file i used to create the .icns file on

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    Thank you for the guide! The triangle sitting there on the icon was really bugging me. :rolleyes:
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