Guidelines for posting in the Digital Photography section


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Apr 18, 2004
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Through the years, we've seen how users in this sub-forum have cooperated to establish good, informal guidelines for how posts and threads are organized. We'd like to formalize those guidelines here now. The purpose of this post is therefore not to create new and unnecessary rules, but rather to recognize the excellent policies that have evolved through user participation.

We hope formalizing the guidelines established by users will help to maintain this sub-forum as a good for photographers of all skill levels to showcase their work, ask for help and advice, and discuss all things related to photography in a helpful and friendly environment.

We'd like to give an extra thank you to user @kallisti, who generously agreed to review a draft of this post. His suggestions were a great help.

Guidelines for posting images in the Digital Photography section

We ask that users adhere to the following guidelines:

Photo-of-the-day (POTD) threads
These are created each month. Users can post one image per day. See this post for POTD guidelines.

Picture Gallery
Any image taken by users can be posted here, as long as it conforms to the forum rules.

Weekly Photo Contest threads
Follow the rules in the first post of each thread.

Starting a new thread to share images
In general there are two reasons to start a new thread specifically related to sharing images:
  1. You would like to share the technique you used to create the image and feel that others might benefit (i.e. there are teaching points or technique insights). Sometimes this might be in response to comments posted by others regarding the original image posted in the POTD thread. A short feedback discussion is fine in POTD, but posting a detailed response in that thread isn't appropriate to the thread's intention, so create a new thread where you can show outtakes, pics of the setup, screenshots from your editing software, etc.
  2. You would like critique on a specific image. In this case it is most helpful if you can give a little background about your level of experience as a photographer (so the responses can be appropriate/helpful) and the things about the image you like or don't like. There should be a reason it deserves its own thread outside of the POTD thread. What are your specific questions about the image that members can help answer (e.g. composition, lighting, technique, processing in post, etc.)
POTD posts are seen by many users, so don't be worried that your images won't be seen or fully appreciated there.