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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Silvereel, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Has anyone had any experience with a guitar cord adapter, for iPad or iPhone? I'd like to connect my guitar to GarageBand, but I'm not sure which one I should get. I talked to a guy at the Apple Store, who showed me the iRig they offer, but said it might be a good idea to shop around first, since he didn't know much about it.

    I've also heard people talk about using the iPad and an amplifier, using the iPad as a sort of universal effects pedal. I don't really know how this would work, though, since once you've got the iPad hooked in it seems like it's a dead end.
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    That 'build your own' solution is poor.

    - The iPad microphone connector contains a small voltage to power microphones. An interface should filter this out.
    - Electric guitars need a very high impedance (1megaohm) interface to sound good. Hooking to a low impedance microphone port will kill treble.

    iRig filters the DC power and also (I believe) provides a small amplifier to correct impedance - so it's definitely worth the extra.

    There's an additional problem with the iPad mic/headphone connector that the iRig can't fix, and that is a roll off of bass below 200Hz. That's ok-ish for electric guitar, but definately bad for bass. The best option to record guitar into the iPad would be to get the Apogee Jam - which feeds unfiltered ausio into the iPad's USB port.
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    I have Griffin's GuitarConnect. it was i think $18 on amazon when i got it, significantly cheaper than the irig. i like it because the cord is longer like a guitar cord and it sounds great. i've used it with garageband on my ipad, and ishred, amplitube and ampkit on my ipod touch. all sound really good. i am particularly fond of ishred. you can play along with your music on your device. it's really cool. and garage band is awesome.
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    Thank you for this very informative post. Do you happen to know if any USB audio interfaces like the Cakewalk UA-1G work with the iPad on 4.2 or 4.3? I'm am excited for the Apogee device, but really want something that also allows for input of a dynamic mic via an XLR cable (or XLR to TS or TRS adapter).

    Any recommendations?
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    There are some excellent forums over at 'Harmonicdog' - who for some time have been selling the 'Multitrack DAW' product for recording on the iPhone/iPad.

    This thread on their forum discusses all the interfaces and some home brew solutions people have found to get audio in. Lots of good information:

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