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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Slrman, Oct 24, 2013.

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    I have seen an adapter for both guitar and a microphone to USB. But I forgot what and where. :eek:

    From what I have learned, OSX handles these things very well, so I would love to find one.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any help at all. :)
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  3. ChrisA, Oct 24, 2013
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    One that many people recommend is the "Audiobox" by Presonus. It has two inputs and two outputs. Look at the video on this page and watch it to the end, reading the captions.

    These cost $150 and the above is a good place to buy because of there free extended warranty and very good tech support.

    Down the road 5 or 10 years, Presonus has a flat rate repair service.

    Figure that a good pair of microphones will cost $$ to.

    There are other brands and resellers but I like both the above. If you have more money to spend there are others that do 96K samples. But really you don't need that. But just make sure you get 24-bit recording. This makes a big difference and also a pair of ANALOG gain control knobs. It goes without saying that you need Phantom power to run studio microphones The Audiobox has this

    Other top brands to look at are MOTU and Focusrite.
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    I used one of these for two years before giving it to a friend when I upgraded to a 4 channel interface:

    Only $74, it worked great and it's plug and play - no software to install and it doesn't even need a power brick. It will do what you want and much more (MIDI, USB audio output, 0 latency monitoring, etc).

    Recently M-Audio bought the company, painted this same product black and are selling it for $100. Evidently their logo commands a $25 premium. :p
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    Agreed. I've got a Roland Duo Capture EX, which runs on both OS X and iOS (as well as Windows, if so inclined), and it sounds great, and works great.
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    I used to use a MOTU 828 MKII. They have newer ones out and 10 inputs would never be overkill for what you want. :D

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