Gyms... which is better?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ayeying, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Well, I'm looking to sign up for a gym cause of the lack of area around where I am to go running w/o either being hit by a car, truck, or running into something (ok, maybe i'm a bit over on how hard it is to run around here.. but ya.. plus, I like to run... and yet, I hated running the mile back in high school lol)

    Anyways. Near my house, theres a 24 Hour fitness and a Bally gym within 5 minutes.. but I'm not sure which is considered better. I'm mostly interested in using the treadmills, some lightweight lifting, etc.

    Times aren't entirely a concern for me... I know 24 Hour fitness, well, some gyms (i know the gym near my house is) 24 hours opened, so making it pretty convinent to go run or whatever, whenever i want. Not so sure about the bally's gym times, but I'm mostly free around 9-10pm so I guess if its opened around then for about an hour, I'm good.

    Any opinions?
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    Its a personal thing and a lot will depend on the individual gym you go to. My tip is to visit all the nearby gyms at the time you would usually work out and see which suits you best.

    Try and get a pass for a free workout so you can get a good feel for the place, have a look round the changing rooms to see how clean they are, don't be seduced by fancy features that you'll never use. Location is also important to me, the easier it is to get to (either from work, home or both) the more likely you are to go!
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    Which one has the most stuff? Between the regular gym equipment, the pool, the hot tub, steamroom and sauna it's hard to get burned out at my gym. Burnout is the #1 obstacle for keeping after fitness, and missing work outs is habit-forming.

    You'll tend to go more often even when you don't feel like it when you can go knowing if you're having an off day you can just quit the heavy exercise and go for a dip and a sauna.

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