H.264 on the Mac Pro


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Sep 20, 2018
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I usually send out my videos in H.254 to my clients. When I was using the iMac 2019, FCP used to consume 100% CPU while exporting. I realized it was due to the non existent Quicksync chip. On my new Mac Pro 7,1, the CPU usage is at only 5-7% and GPU usage around 10-12%. I recon this is due to the T2 chip.

My question is, shouldn't H.264 use more than just Quicksync to speed up exports? Or is it just the Codec limitation of some sort.

My Mac Pro is a 12 Core /96GB/Radeon Vega II/1TB.


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Nov 7, 2007
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Yes, the T2 chip should be helping your Mac Pro w/ the H.264 encoding, freeing your 12-core CPU from most of that work. Your iMac 2019 actually _does_ have Quick Sync for H.264 encoding, but depending on exactly what you were doing and any add'l tasks going on along with the encoding (such as processing filters, effects, etc.), you may have had CPU usage going on as well. If you're not already, it helps to have Activity Monitor open to see what is consuming your CPU and GPU cycles.