iPhone HACK - Brave Frontier iOS Autohack (All Regions) (Non-JB)

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    Oct 7, 2014

    Brave Frontier Free Mod For iOS and Android

    Current Free Mods Available:
    Experience Multiplier: 1000x
    Deck Cost: 20000
    Zel per quest: 20000
    Karma per quest: 20000

    Vortex dungeons:
    Metal Parade
    Jewel Parade
    Monday to Saturday Dungeons
    Ruins of Light and Dark
    The Lone Traveller
    Dweller in the Darkness
    The Truncheon Wielding Warrior
    Flower in the Frost
    The Iron Fisted Lady
    When the Lightning Strikes
    The Sibyl Sisters:
    Affectionate Flames
    Absolute Zero
    Gaias Voice
    In the Name of Thunder
    Protected by the Sky
    Enthralled by the Moon
    Crusade of the Six heroes
    Knight of Darkness
    The Truth and the Cursed Princess
    Xenon & Estia prologue
    Leon's Deception
    Moonlight Parade
    Bulb Haven
    Flaming Rocket of Justice
    Burny and Friends UNLEASHED!
    Gun Goddess of the Tides
    Slashing Fish of the Wild
    The Lightinng Bomber
    Thunder Turnout
    Battle Maiden Queen of the High Skies
    Battle Maiden The Half Blood princess
    Frontier Hunter revisit
    The Keymaster's Eclipse

    To connect:
    iOS Devices
    Go to Wi-Fi Settings
    Scroll down to proxy
    Use the Host and Port provided below

    Server: brave.us.to
    Port: 8888
    Authentication: On
    Username: element-evil.com
    Password: freemod

    Reference Image:


    You may occasionally get connection error, do not panic, just reconnect and try again.

    - Credits (ElementEvil TM)
  2. exizeo macrumors regular

    Mar 23, 2014
    I just remembered how good the old iOS settings for iPad looks.

    iPad iOS looked so much better before iOS 7. iPhone 6...I like 8, but I wish I had iOS 5/6 again.

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