iPod touch Hack into iTunes for iPod touch control?


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Jan 15, 2012
I got my iTouch, hooked it up to computer then computer crashed a few months later. All my data for the computer was lost therefore I could not transfer the songs into my Itunes library. So now I have 1,000+ songs and around 40 apps for the touch but only 500 songs and a few apps on the library for my new computer. My dilemma is I can't update my iTouch and I have glitches with the battery that the update should fix. But i can't update if they're not synced and in order to sync it wipes everything off your ipod and replaces it with whats on your library, correct? :( Apple pisses me off with all their restrictions and now I cannot buy the new iTouch since I'll lose half my data. Can anyone tell me programs/techniques/hacks to transfer music files from iPod into iTunes? Thanks.:mad:
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