Hacked iCloud iMessage and all apple services

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    Hey I don't know if people know but the iCloud hacking is really widespread more than whats in the public eye. I have a coworker that brought me her iPhone and someone was sending messages from iMessage to her husband looking at the pictures on her phone saying she had a cute kid and all of that. Apples response at the apple store was turn off iMessage because it was still going on after she changed all her passwords. Then she got forwarded up to some people that wouldn't even say his title working from his home in Colorado. The end result was try this and see if it still happens with no reassurance that whomever hacked her account still couldn't see her texts and pictures. Apples system is compromised. This is really scary and a huge invasion of privacy how safe is apples eco system with everything going on.. Now they are not including certain cloud features in ios8 now. Makes me wonder how bad is the security in their stuff right now. I have seen the text with my own eyes if you want i can try to get screen shots. This should be reported on.
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    Paid by the word as well. :D

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