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    People, I'll ask a question related to the license for installing OSX:

    If I install an Atom motherboard into an old Mac LCII case then I buy a Snow Leopard license and finally install a hackintosh on it, would I be infringing OSX license of use?

    I mean, OSX is intended for being installed only in Apple hardware, but I never heard that the entire hardware must be from Apple. If so, you couldn't upgrade RAM and HDD by yourself on self-serviceable Macs.

    I'm planning building a HackinMac running OSX 10.6 in a top-class Atom logic board, SSD, 4GB of RAM and so on. My first challenge is building an ADB adapter for using the keyboard in a PS2 or USB port. I think a PS2-to-USB adapter plus a DIY ADB driver (that I'm planning to write) will do the trick.

    Also I want to fit a LCD panel in place of the original CRT, preserving almost the same original look of the entire set.

    It's a hobby pretty weird, I know, but the license question is if I could build a 100% legal Hackintosh using older Mac parts.
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    You will have to tweak the OS to install it on this machine. That means installing it in an other way Apple intending it. That's not against a law, but that's infringing Apple's license.
    Just an answer to your question. But it sounds like a great project :D
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    You will have more luck on the osx86 forums to get the OS to install.

    It's still a violation of the EULA though, but Apple doesn't bother to go after individuals using it on their own machines. It's only when people try to sell them that Apple gets upset and unleashes their hounds (aka lawyers).

    They do put some code in to check for real apple hardware, which is what needs to be tweaked to get it to install.
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    I recommend visiting the forums over at insanelymac.com. As for the legality, its against the EULA, and it does not matter if you use some apple parts. You're not using all apple parts.

    While its against the EULA, its not illegal, in that you're breaking a law.

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