Hackintosh Build (Please help)

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    Hi, I am trying to double my built PC as a Hackintosh installed on an external drive. I was just wondering if someone could tell me any tips I might need to know or any problems with my hardware before I start, thanks!

    ASUS M5A97 MB
    2x G.Skill Sniper RAM 4gb sticks
    AMD FX 8350 CPU
    EVGA GTX 660 GPU

    I have heard that is a more difficult process on an AMD cpu, and I am trying to install Snow Leopard.
  2. xcodeSyn, Mar 10, 2014
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    Hi, you came to the wrong site for your question, tonymacx86 is where you want to be. Their site has a list of recommended hardware here, and AMD motherboards and processors won't work.
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    A good start would be making a boot132 cd and using a retail 10.6/6.3 as this has worked in the past for me with some AMD machines.

    However I didn't get this to work with my 2011 custom built which has a 3.6GHz 1090t, but I did get 10.6.3 (then to 10.6.8) working on my old Gateway laptop with a Athlon II M320.

    If you really wanted a true working hackintosh a good idea would be to find the guides other forums had for systems with Sandy Bridge and build one of those PCs. That was my mistake of building a AMD system when I could have got a i5 for a tiny bit more :mad:
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    tonymacx86.com is a good start ya intel processors is more easier to setup I would go to the buyer guide for the Month of March 2014 and look at the cpu and motherboard gigabyte motherboards list in the build guide are good ones to consider and one of the intel cpu list in the build guide also.

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