Had a 2 step verification code pop up I didn't recognize

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    When I woke up this morning I saw that my phone got a text from Apple with a 2 step verification code in it to verify a login. It came through at 3am EST which is extremely odd. I wasn't up, my brother has the login in for because we share that for the developer site and he said he didn't use try to login. I changed the password already. Just worried someone got my info some how. But it looks like the 2 step verification did its job, right? Just thought I'd throw this out here and see what you guys thought.
  2. Primejimbo, Jun 5, 2015
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    It did its job, but I would change your passcode anyways because they can still access find my iPhone with out the 2 step verification.

    They didn't get any info, you're fine. Be happy you had it set up.

    Edit: I now see you said you changed you password.
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    Two-step authentication is one of the best things you can do with any account, and I am very happy that you had that in place to protect you. You've changed your password, good job.. now the person that tried to access your account will be locked out. The two-step authentication did its job, nothing could have been changed without that second step.

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