Had a great experience with my Used Macbook.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Juan A, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Feb 24, 2010
    I own a 2009 15" macbook Pro that I purchased from the apple store in San Luis Obispo apple store. I real love my MBP, but now that I have returned to school I have found I dislike the weight for carrying it to school everyday. Also my daughters HP is on its last legs so she needs something new as well. So I have been contemplating picking up a used 13" or just picking up an iPad.

    Last week I came across a an ad on Craigs List for a 2010 MacBook Pro in supposedly perfect condition for $650. I met with the 18 yo kid who owned it. Come to find out it was a White macBook Not an Aluminum MBP. I told him that he misrepresented the Mac and I was not interested. We continued to haggle over the Mac during which time I examined the Mac. It was definitely his as it had pictures of him and his girlfriend still on it. He was desperate for some money so I offered $300 for the Mac. He amazingly accepted it.

    Now the Mac was very beat up. Their were the infamous cracks on the lid as well as some gouges he appeared to try to fix with some kind of glue. But other than that it appeared to work fine. Well the next day, the left side of the track pad decided to stop working.So I made an appointment to see the genius bar at the apple store. There I found out that the Macbook was indeed registered to the same person, and I also found out that the Mac had apple care on it until October 2012. Apple replaced the the track pad under warranty and they also said, due to some kind of service announcement, that they would replace the entire li assembly.

    So I ended up with a almost new looking macbook with 2+ years of warranty for $300. I think I got a good deal.

    Thank you for the great service apple!!!!

    Due to the fact I got such a great deal on the MacBook, i was able to give my daughter the MacBook and pick up an iPad 2 which I used to type this, for myself. I just wanted to share the great service I received from apple.
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    God, that kid sounds like a real tool! I'm glad he only got $300- serves him right. Happy to hear it worked out for you, though!

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