Had a phenomenal Genius Bar experience (what??!!??) over iPhone 6 screen

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thadoggfather, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Took my umpteenth iPhone 6 in for a bright white spot in the middle of the screen down the right (many of my 6's have had different issues, I could get into that later, don't want to type more than I need to)

    Really annoying. Other one had a hot dead pixel (not fixable), a white pixel you could see at off angles, and touch ID that stopped working :( screen was nice though and the replacements I've had in between haven't been up to par in terms of screen.

    The genius replaced it, we compared iPhone 6's, he observed his was noticeably brighter at max brightness and had another genius confirm. Sent it back and got another one out, looked identical to previous, dimmer and sorta yellow/cast of something. He compared some employees phones in the back and saw some way worse than the two replacements he took out of the box and declared as not right. None of the employees noticed probably because its the main and only screen they've been staring at. Or they don't care. or something!

    The third he said I'd have to sort of deal but not angrily, just like this is a bummer man but.. (but I didn't push ever, he really was the one that observed brightness when that wasn't my key concern and kept swapping for that, I was all for it) if it was the same cause of variation. Luckily, it reminds me of the one I had that was great, dead pixels aside (obvious next to lock screen too, lit up) and touch ID mostly not working. He said he even preferred mine to his, and I tended to agree, his was a bit on the pink hue side though not bad.

    Anyways long story short, this beast is bright! back to rocking low brightness and doing fine. It's going to be fantastic for battery.

    And shame on :apple: for continuing to pull this display crap. Maybe I'll just ride iPhone 6 til it can't be any more then re-evaluate my options.


    so glad I got a rMini right away that I deemed fine enough without any swaps, and with Color Profiles (jailbroken) looks great :D only upgraded from iPad3 to rMini as soon as jailbreak came out, so I had out of box tweaking made possible to cool off the tint a little.

    My iPhone 5 looks dingy compared to my 6. Sad when some replacements looked dingy compared to my 5, and it wasn't even the creme de la creme of screens, it was a craigslist one I acquired after selling iPhone 5 last fall and doing Nexus 5 thing for a bit.
    tl;dr lots of crappy screens as always, screen lottery, I think I might have won this time (you only lose if you waste all the time and don't get the results) but I'm getting close to being done with this practice all together. Ruins the enjoyment/experience almost, and for some situations, does.

    Also, some geniuses out there are level headed. If you aren't a jerk, some of them will be the catalyst for seeing results.

    Couldn't be happier with the level of service I got today, whether or not this replacement is finally good to go. I sure as hell hope so .
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    I don't have an apple store near me, so I end up having to do the replacements through the mail with apple online. I'm waiting on my 2nd replacement right now. I doubt it'll be any better, but I'm hoping. Amazing how Apple gets away with advertising these great screens when most have serious flaws.

    You're story reminds me though of my experience with the 3k dollar rMBP I bought. Went through 3 replacements all with blotchy screens. 4th had a good screen but made high pitched screeching sounds. The fifth had a bad screen again. I ended up swapping the screens on the 4th and 5th. Apple never said anything. Not sure they could even tell. LOL
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    Worst of all is iPhones are tied to contracts (in a lot of people's situations, not necessarily), and none are in stock more often than not (new in box retail exchange) so it makes it sort of tough to do the swap with ease without dealing with technician gatekeepers at times. Or without returning and waiting it out until they become ubiquitous in stores... And being the most popular device that Apple sells, I know and have experienced quality taking the bench next to just pumping these things out, getting them in every one and their mothers' hands and making those quarterly earnings looks AMAZING, INNOVATIVE, PROMISING.

    I literally think with future apple products, I'm going to buy at least 2 and open them up and keep going until I get one I'm content with. If it's first shot, the unopened one will go back and won't even be used inventory for them.

    Way easier with non contract devices. But the thought of throwing down for 2 rMBP's, that's a tough price to temporarily swallow. I guess that's what credit cards are for. And I guess its a beautiful thing that my 2011 MBA is still going strong :D (first shot)

    When 5s came out, I bought two off contract and was planning on selling them, wasn't eligible for an upgrade. Opened one when demand sort of died down to see if I liked it, and first shot was a win! was so sad to return it, but it didn't seem like a worthy upgrade to my working iPhone 5.

    Good luck!

    ..and nobody give me that crap about "this is why apple is so expensive" no :apple: is expensive because they can get away with it. If anything, I feel less bad because if they're going to continue to pull this amateur crap, I'm going to have my way. As many have said, what I'm staring at all day IS the experience. Why of all things would you skimp on that? And then to send perfect display review units to a company like display mate that ranks it "best" on 6+ and "very very good" on 6 and then give the general public a pile of dog crap? It's borderline criminal in my eyes.

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