Had excellent battery on my 4S until yesterday...

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    Haven't seen any threads where people got the battery drain issue after weeks of usage that has been like they should be.

    But here i am, after 6weeks of usage with perfect battery life today when i woke up the phone only had 5% left, checked the usage which said 20hours and standby time which was roughly the same..

    Now, today it's still reporting that the phone is being used even though nothing is turned on or different from before when it worked.

    The only thing that is different from before is that i've used the personal hotspot feature on my 4S yesterday when the internet went out at home after a big storm, so i'm guessing that when i enabled the personal hotspot feature it created this battery drain bug because that is the only difference from before..
    Also that i have had bluetooth enabled since the day after christmas to test my MW600, but it's been turned off afterwards to preserve battery (at least that is what i thought it would do...)

    I've tried restarting the device but to no avail, anyone feels like this (using the 4s as a hotspot or using bluetooth) could be something relevant to the battery issue?

    Sorry if this is yet another thread.. but i haven't read anything similar, so i thought i'd get this out there.
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    You can try two options prior to restoring as new:

    - Reset all Settings (Not erase and reset all contents and settings, but just reset)
    -Try a "hard reboot" (press the home button and the sleep button simultaneously, until the apple logo appear).
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    I had a battery drain issue (phantom usage) after 2 weeks of perfect battery life. But It wasnt caused by hotspot or Bluetooth.
    Since then I can't get rid of it. I have tried everything dfu, set up new, reset all settings, erase, hard boot. Sometimes, after restoring as new, I can get 1 day of perfect battery life and suddenly phantom usage appears again.

    I hope they'll fix it with 5.1 cause I really hate my iPhone ATM.

    Here's an example of the phantom usage...


    I didn't use my iPhone for more than 2 hours that day!

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