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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by filmgeek, Jan 27, 2014.

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    I'm an inbox zero guy - I'm at my end with Apple Mail. I think I need to move to a new tool - Thunderbird? Outlook? Please hope me!

    I'm at my end with Apple Mail, my favorite plugin - MailTags isn't really working right. with Mavericks. Mailtags allows you to "tag' messages and then those tags can be used as 'smart' criteria for smart mailboxes.)

    I'm try to embody inbox zero (having nothing unread nor using my inbox as a 'holding pen')
    I have an iPhone where I glance at my email, but it doesn't help (beyond emergencies.)

    The goal is to quickly know my email at a glance.

    Here's the way I work right now: A email comes in, it gets checked with a bunch of rules....and put into a some smart mailbox.

    1. All spam is removed (in it's own smart mailbox for a 1x a week glance)
    2. Then all 'bacn' (that's mailing lists that I want to glance at, but NOT in my main mailbox, looked at 1-2x a day; right now it gets tagged and a smart mailbox gets built from the tag)
    3. Then colorize everyone I know (from a certain company, from my address book). A smart mailbox removes anything that is spam or bacn.
    So, when I glance at my 'inbox' - I can quickly tell who I know and who I don't with zero clutter.I go through email to answer right away ....or toss into an "action" folder to go through when I have real time.

    Mailtags is really failing me at this point (and the developer is 'not sure' when issues will be cleared up. Mail has crashed 5x today (maybe or maybe not due to the plugin.)

    Small notes; I have too many email accounts. That's not going to change. It's about 10, with 70% being gmail or gmail for business, an Apple iCloud account and a bunch of comcast POP3 mail (which I could get rid of or filter through another gmail account.)

    For example, MailPlane is out because no iCloud. Get the idea?

    Yes, I'd love to be able to glance at email on my iOS device, and have it integrate - but it's not my primary device; because some responses have to be long and thought out.

    I'm looking to hear about other tools you use for mail or how you'd solve my situation - whether it's filtering everything through a particular Gmail account, outlook, thunderbird or something else.
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    Oct 22, 2013
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    Mavericks Mail is unpredictable currently. Until Apple gets this fixed, you might want to test drive MailMate. It's IMAP only but the setup is very quick. It will import all your Mail accounts automatically.


    To fix Mail, I would start clean. Go into the User's Library and rename the Mail folder to Mail ORIG. Open Mail and you start fresh. Install the latest Mail Tags. I had an issue where it wasn't seeing the latest MailTags updates and the fresh start fixed that issue for me and put me in the latest version.

    If you need to revert to your orig version, just rename to Mail.

    Another issue I'm seeing with Mail is I get a message but I can't find it. I have a rule that plays a sound so I know a message was received but it doesn't show up. I can check in MailMate and see the message or quit and restart Mail to make it show up.

    I've had a few messages that will not stay marked as read so my smart folders show unread when there are none.

    I'm really hoping that 10.9.2 will fix most of these issues.
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    Apr 27, 2011
    You might take a look at MailPilot. I haven't used it but was reading a news article because the company is local to me.
  5. uzerh macrumors newbie

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    Istanbul, TR
    I tried Mail Pilot for a good 15 days. The concept is perfect though the clients are not stable yet. Especially for a power user.

    - The client at MacMini or MacBook failed to refresh fast. I hear all the time mail is coming to mail boxes through iOS devices but although I wait 5 minutes or more before hitting refresh I see none in desktops. Sometimes even I refresh I don't see any but a turn off - turn on sequence of the client makes them available.
    - iOS clients is no good for me as well. Although I can set accounts from Google, Yahoo or iCloud, I couldn't able to set my company mail. (Based on a Zimbra server with Zextras Mobile) Although we tried everything and the support of Mail Pilot was very helpful, it was always giving an error and couldn't be set up.

    In short as I said the concept is good but I am afraid both programs need to mature a bit more to be useful for business use.
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    Jan 13, 2014
    The best app I have seen for this is Mailbox for iOS, but they do not seem to have a desktop version.

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