Had to replace LTE Apple Watch. Transfer Service?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by iAdamator, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Hey all

    As the title says, I had to replace my LTE Apple Watch Today. I am on T-Mobile, and I am wondering if anyone knows what I need to do in order to link this watch to my existing T-Mobile Apple Watch Plan? (The plan was created for my Previous LTE watch with the 3 month free trial.) Ideally, I simply make this watch take up the service the other watch created. Just not sure what I need to do. When I restored my new watch, I skipped the cellular setup at the time, figuring I would ask before I did anything.

    Before I returned my first watch, I did disconnect the T-Mobile service plan from within the watch app.

    Can I just re-run the cellular setup?
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    Why don't you give T-Mob a call? Pretty sure they're glad to help you.
  3. itguy61 macrumors newbie

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    I am curious about this, I had to replace mine and the new one will be here tomorrow. Wondering how painful this is going to be.
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    It really depends on your Carrier. What has to happen is that the new Watch's EID and IMEI information need to be sent to the Carrier and the eSIM on the Watch needs to be provisioned with the new ICCID that is generated from the Carrier network.

    If you did not have any trouble setting up your Watch before, it should be seamless. Just restore your Watch from Backup of you want and then run the Set up Cellular step from the Watch app. This assumes that you removed the Watch plan from your Watch app when you Un-pair your Watch that you returned. If you did not remove the plan when you un-paired, complete the restore of your backup and then just remove the plan from the Watch app and restart your Watch and then do the Set Up Cellular step again on the Watch.

    The actually phone number and line of service are still active on your Carrier's network, so you just need to re-establish the connection.

    Note: Again, depending on your Carrier you may need to call and manually have the rep add the EID and IMEI numbers to the Watch's line.

  5. Senfinger macrumors member

    Sep 24, 2017
    Dave006 is right depends on carrier- For example a ATT tech told me to not cancel my line and when my replacement came in to call and give new EID/IMEI so they can "edit" my older/existing one.

    If they would have killed my line (Within 14 Days Cancel) I would have lost out on the one time Free Activation/3 Months Free offer. (Since this would have counted on my second LTE Watch.
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    I did it on T-Mobile and as you are setting up the new watch, itasks you about new service or transferring or something. Took 10 seconds. Could not have been easier.

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