Hair under Sapphire?!


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Mar 27, 2012
I got my space gray stainless watch a few weeks ago and love it. To my astonishments I saw something under the left corner of the screen and did not feel any scratches. I made an appointment at the Apple store and they looked at it under their scope and determines that a hair somehow crept up under the Sapphire display. Not sure how this is possible but they said they would remove it and return my watch in 7 days. I don't even have that much arm hair lol. Thought it was worth sharing.


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Apr 25, 2015
Hong Kong
Yes, Apple calls it Space Black, but it's primarily the same as Space Gray.
Not sure what Apple Website or Apple store you've been visiting but the Space Black Stainless Steel (DLC Coated) and way different from the Space Grey Aluminium Sports Watch. They are both very distinguishably different.

Also to the OP, I assume you are talking about the Space Black Stainless Steel Link Watch? If you see something that isn't supposed to be there, send it back to Apple for a replacement.
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