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Jun 9, 2007
Birmingham, UK
Since the 5.1.4 update on Lion. Anyone else noticed this? Approximately half of the videos on YouTube are refusing to play / showing just a black box with the playback buttons in the wrong place. Latest version of Flash, everything working fine in Chrome.

Any ideas what might have caused this?

( Example - this video for me is broken, hope this isn't against the rules )


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Dec 2, 2010
Unsubscribing to the HTML5 wont make it work. Infact HTML5 work near flawlessly in safari for me, (on 6 machines) and the rest of flash on youtube is a total piss. Just doesn't work!! Occasionally after like 5 reloads and what not it works. But then it jumps frames and all kinds of stuff. Works perfectly in Chrome because it has its own flash player.


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Sep 13, 2002
Bristol, UK
I had a similar problem as the OP on both my Mac Pro and MBP ( slightly different as on my machines it would start to play videos then stall / stutter), unsubscribing to the HTML5 trial as suggested by dEsUrU, sorted the problem out on both machines. This problem has been raised on other threads as well, and in a large number of cases opting out of the HTML5 trial fixed the issue.
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