Hand brake performance on different macs.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Macabron, Aug 1, 2008.

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    First off sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.
    I currently have a MacBook but will upgrade to a MBP soon. I also had a 1.8Gx2 G5 tower, and on my last visit to the apple store I wanted to know how much of an improvement I should expect when I move up to a MBP and since I do use hand brake often and it uses as many cores are available. I used a 2 min clip from a dvd I authored, and used the standard preset for apple TV.
    I couldn't upload the file for the imac 2.8 24" but it managed 50.75fps and an average of 41.14 fps. Hardly scientific I know. And in regards of time the Mac mini took almost 3 minutes, while the Mac Pro took slightly over 30 seconds.

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    The question was if the MBP would be faster than the Mini and the G5

    and I'd like to say yes, but it might be a no.

    @OP: If you sent me the file, I would try… if you have the name of the DVD, I'll get it from my collection.
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    I'd lean toward the 'yes' :p.
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    The improvement you should expect when switching from MB to MBP depends on the MacBook you have. If you have an old Core Duo 1.83 model, a new MBP 2.4 will be visibly faster, since it has a higher frequency, 64-bit support and a newer, better architecture. If you have a current 2.4 MacBook, a 2.4 MBP will be exactly the same.
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    there's always the problem of whether or not the program was optimized on the Intel vs. the PowerPC, despite it being "Universal"

    i'd say xBench would be a more official score.

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