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Handbrake 0.9.5 for PowerPC?


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Jan 24, 2010
Those are unofficial releases of it. It's open source, so anyone could rebuild it latest version for nearly any platform.


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Feb 1, 2013
Release Highlights:

Core Library
* BluRay disc structure support. (No decryption support) 
* Updated Libraries (x264, ffmpeg) 
* SSA Subtitle support. (Including burn-in) 
* MP3 audio now supported in MP4 files (Note: Limited Player compatibility) 
* VOBSUB subtitle now supported in MP4 files (Note: Limited Player compatibility) 
* Updated Presets for newer devices and better quality 
* AC3 encoding support. 
* Many Bug Fixes and other small improvements
* Improved DVD Main Feature detection (when using dvdnav) 
* Universal audio downmix support (all audio types can be downmixed) 
* Point*to*Point encoding (second or frame start and end times)
* Peak framerate option (Capped VFR) 

All GUIs
* Updated x264 Advanced Panel
* Video Quality Slider drops % value and only shows RF for x264
* Batch Scan (Scan Multiple files at once. N.B: Does not include multiple VIDEO_TS folders / Image files) 
* Many Bug fixes
* Many Tweaks to improve usability.
* Ability to edit queue jobs

* New Audio Panel supporting >4 Audio Tracks
* VLC detection in /Applications and ~/Applications
* Multiple instance support

Windows GUI
* Encode Status in GUI. (CLI window is now always hidden)
* Improved Auto-Naming for Destination file name.
* Drag / Drop Video onto Main Window to scan.

Linux GUI
* Multiple instance support (run multiple copies of ghb at once) 
* Many Bug fixes and UI improvements.

As the version 0.9.5 includes updated x264 & ffmepg libs, you can expect small improves on the codecs, but nothing major. Building the latest version of Handbrake would require some work as the Mac OS X part is no longer supporting PPC Mac and old API. Could maybe be done.

Personally, although I have this unofficial build on my G5, I don't do much video conversion on it as it is almost as fast (or sometime slower) than my Macbook Pro (which can use an updated Handbrake).


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Aug 4, 2014
Need Video Converter for PowerBook G4 OSX Tiger

Does anyone know of a video converter that will convert .mts files to .mp4 or other video files compatible with iMovie 6? Thanks for any help! :apple:

Cox Orange

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Jan 1, 2010
Does anyone know of a video converter that will convert .mts files to .mp4 or other video files compatible with iMovie 6? Thanks for any help! :apple:
Dronecatcher is partly wrong, if this is for PowerPC. It works only under Intel (did not try iMovie 8 under PPC, though).

I tried Handbrake and iMovieHD (5 and 6).

Did not try under 10.4.11 PowerPC

Under 10.5.8 PowerPC:
- iMovie = NO
- Handbrake, without problems, result is a h.264 or (ffmpeg) divx file as you choose (mov/mp4)! (reading the file takes a bit long)

Be sure to get 9.0.4 at least under 10.5.

Avidemux 2.5.3 will probably lead you more to what you need/expect (it has several other formats, i.e. codec (h.264, divx, sorensen...) and containers (mp4, avi, mov)). I only found a Windows guide quickly

If your files are from one TV show, but scattered in parts and you want to glue them together, before putting them into iMovie, then you need Avidemux 2.5.3, too.

Be sure to choose that you want to save video+audio and the safest way is to either save it as TS or PS again, when you want to use Handbrake (with its more recent h.264 and divx codec than avidemux) (*ps/*mps will be readable by VLC video player application much easier than *ts/*mts and you can use PS as .vob files for a DVD). iMovie 5 can't handle *mts nor *ps from what I have tested (didn't try 6, but I would expect it doesn't since ts/ps is mpeg2 and Quicktime doesn't come with mpeg2 unless you have Quicktime Pro and iMovie uses Quicktime under the hood).

If you decide to export *mts via avidemux to *mps or *ps you will get an unreadable icon. Append .mpeg manually and it will be readable by VLC.
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