Handbrake and MetaX Questions.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by isaack, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Hi Guys!,

    I just took a stab at ripping and tagging my first movie. i did some quick reading up on it and decided that Handbrake and MetaX would do the job. Handbrake went pretty smoothly, i picked used the Apple TV preset and an hour and a half later all was finished, that brings me to my first question, what preset do you use or are there any settings that you change that you think makes the quality better.

    After that i went on to MetaX, fiddled around with things, and thought i had everything sweet, it automatically got the description, year, actors etc (no genre but oh well) i hit write and it went through its thing. but after moving it over to itunes, i lost the description. does anyone know what might be wrong? also after it's tagged, does MetaX just add the tagging to the same file or is there a folder on my comp somewhere with all the tagged copies?

    I did a quick search of the forums and on google but couldn't really find anything helpful, thanks in advance for all your advice.

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    the tags are meta-data on the file, I don't have it automatically import to itunes and have never had any issues with meta-x, (you are aware you can manually change the tags in meta-x as well arn't you? like genre) anyway, that handbrake preset is the best for quality and size in my opinion, other than sometimes a slight colour difference there isn't really noticeable quality from the dvd, sometime i use de-interlacing for tv shows / live comedy / animated films but when i do one of those i test it for a minute or two them check the encode before doing it the whole way through.
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    Make sure the description boxes have their checkboxes selected. MetaX only saves the information for items that are "checked".

    Also, be aware that MetaX can only save so much info to the description field. By default, it grabs a full description online (if it finds one) and populates both the short and long description fields. In my experience, only the LONG description is seen from AppleTV. Also know that the SHORT description field is limited. If you start to type in the short description field after it's been auto populated, or if starting with a blank field, you type enough characters, the text will turn from black to blue, and the dialog displays a message indicating the description is too long and will be truncated.

    I usually set my description fields to be just a one sentence plot summary so it doesn't get truncated on the AppleTV preview screen.
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    thanks guys for answering my questions. thats awesome

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