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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Jordb2k10, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Hi I was wondereing if anyone has a solution for importing tv on DVD tov iTunes. Anytime ive done it I am unable tovget all the episodes or it just shows up as one long episode. Is there anyway to separate and categorize tv shows when importing them. Thanks so much!!
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    Jul 5, 2009
    There's tons of info on this subject in the Forums---I'll point you in the right direction but you should use the search function in the Forums for more specific answers.

    There's 2 parts involved--decrypting the DVD (ripping) and then converting (transcoding) it to an iTunes friendly format. Two of the most commonly mentioned/used tools to rip DVDs are Mac the Ripper or Rip It. Either of these programs will decrypt the DVD and save it to your hard drive. From there you can use a tool like Handbrake (again, most commonly used tool by members here but there are others) to transcode the file into an iTunes friendly format. Handbrake is a very versatile program with tons of functionality that I couldn't begin to explain here (or honestly have the expertise to do so :)) so I'll direct you to their site's Documentation and Wiki for a proper familiarization on how best to use it for your needs.

    Personally, I rip all of my Movies/TV show DVDs using Rip It and transcode with Handbrake to an .m4v format, sometimes in multiple versions, for use on my family's Apple TVs/iPad/iPhones/iPod Touch and for viewing on my mac mini using PLEX and have had great success. Also, a third option that I occasionally rely on for the rare occasion when Rip It can't handle a DVD (i.e. many Disney DVDs) you can also use a media program called VLC in conjunction with Handbrake to handle the job. You install VLC (don't need to have it open) which Handbrake uses for decrypting the DVD directly--rip and transcode handled at the same time.

    I prefer ripping first with Rip It when possible because it allows me to rip a bunch of DVDs and then queue up a number of transcode jobs for Handbrake to run overnight rather than having my optical drive spinning for a few hours for each DVD, but YMMV.

    Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.
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    I just ripped all my wife's x-files eps and Bones from DVD and Ripit and handbrake worked great (except there were two DVD's out of the season which would not work for some reason. All the others worked fine.

    At first when using Handbrake I didn't realize how to convert all the episodes. The first time I thought I was getting one big converted video, but then I realized I had to select each episode with a drop down menu as the source, then add to the queue.
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    Jul 5, 2009
    Good point...especially with respect to TV shows since each DVD usually has multiple episodes. The Source dropdown box in Handbrake will list all titles on a particular DVD. To figure out which title corresponds to each episode, watch the DVD using your computer's DVD player program and after selecting an episode (at least for the mac's DVD Player), click Go > Title to see what title number corresponds to that episode. Then select that title from the source dropdown in Handbrake.

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