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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by iOrbit, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Mar 8, 2012
    can someone help me with what this setting does? what has it done to the track exactly? is it a stereo track? is it still a surround sound track? i don't really know.

    when i first started my collection, i must admit, i never wanted to get too deep into the "perfect settings" thing. i just wanted to get going and my priority was picture quality.

    since then i have kind of regretted my neglect for the audio part.. and i always set HD 5.1 sources into Dolby Pro Logic II "Core Audio AAC" setting.

    regretfully i only did the SD audio in "5.1" mix down AC3.

    i really have no idea what these differences are though, i'd like some one who is a bit of a guru in this area to help me understand which settings are ideal for films.

    both the Codec and the Mix down?

    i understand passthru keeps the original track but what are recommended settings for surround sound HD sources?

    AAC vs AC3? CoreAudio vs ffmpeg?

    and again, i only have a normal 2.0 tv set up, but I'm about to get my first 5.1 surround sound set.. what will my 5.1 speakers do with all of my Pro Logic II hd conversions? is it just going to be stereo played through all 5 speakers?

    have i basically ruined the surround sound affect of 5.1?

    thanks for anyone who can help.
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    Jan 13, 2011
    Check the definition of Dolby ProLogic. It is a matrix-encoded 4-channel surround sound encoded into 2 stereo channels.
    Without special DPl decoder you will hear a stereo soundstage, with a DPl decoder you will hear 4-channel surround (L, R, C and Rear). In essence, very similar to SQ quadraphonic encoding.
    So it needs 2 physical channels to carry data of 4 channels. To hear all 4, you need a DPl decoder, like the home cinema receiver produced within last 25 years.
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    Feb 27, 2010
    Here's what I do:

    Choose "High Profile" Preset
    Change nothing on the Video tab
    Go to Audio tab -> Change 1st and 2nd Track to the best Audio option (in order, DTS-HD MA, DTS, DD 5.1, or DD 2.0). On the first Track entry (codec showing AAC), up the bitrate to 320. On the 2nd entry, leave it as AC3 and Mixdown of 5.1. Add a 3rd Track and make it a pass-thru (I specifically select, for example, DTS-HD pass thru).
    Go to Subtitles tab ->Select Foreign Audio search. (Add any others you may want.)
    And run it.

    You get a high quality picture, plus 3 soundtracks which includes a lossless DTS-HD MA option (hopefully). If the movie is only DD5.1, just set the second Track to AC3 pass thru and don't waste time converting to the same format.

    That's it. DTS will not play from the AppleTV, but its there for when you play from a computer or Plex.
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    What do you use for video playback? That makes a bit of difference as to how you might taylor your encoding strategy, both video and audio codec, and the container used.

    Dolby Pro Logic 2 gets you stereo front R&L, center, and mono rears so long as your source had at least DPLII.

    If you encoded in DPLII you won't get the full surround effect but you'll get some.
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    Oct 18, 2013
    answers within quotes.

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