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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ipodtouchy333, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. ipodtouchy333 macrumors 65816

    Nov 15, 2007
    I just purchased my first mac which is a new macbook. I downloaded Handbrake and want to put 2 seasons of Entourage I have on DVD into iTunes. I'm not really sure how to use Handbrake and just tried it with the first disc of Entourage I have and after a while of converting or whatever I played it and it will play the first 2 minutes of the episode but then won't play anymore....So that is my first question.... My second question is what do I do when I have several episodes of something on one DVD, how do I get each episode off? I hope this makes sense. Thanks!
  2. justind.clark macrumors member

    Oct 21, 2008
    In Handbrake there a drop down menu with the word title next to it, in there each chunk of video is displayed by its length you just chose the one that is the length you want (this is way easier with movies as one is significantly larger than the others). Then you just start it up. You probably just had a section selected that was only two minutes long. That is also how you choose different episodes. :)
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    Jan 30, 2008
    Also, the Handbrake forums would be a better place to get Handbrake related questions answered.

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