Handbrake: ripping a movie with the subtitles

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    I'm getting confused, and are clearly confused now. It's about Handbrake and rising a DVD.

    I have a DVD that has a foreign language and subtitles. All I want is to be able to rip the movie and the subtitles together. In a manner whereby I can select to see/not-see the subtitles when I watch the movie.

    Having tried multiple settings, obviously without success, I'm now confused and would welcome any experienced input on how to do this - or whether it can be done.

    I also checked the internet but could not really find useful guidance there.

    Thanks for any input
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    Because DVD-s only contain bitmapped subs, this will not be possible, at least in MP4 container.
    MKV should in theory accommodate for several bitmapped sub tracks, but I have no idea whether HB can deal with this.
    HandBrake can only burn the bitmap subs into the picture. And as you can imagine, this is only possible for a single subtitle track from DVD.
    Apple QuickTime is only able to play back timed-text subs, as explained in the iSubtitle blog below.
    So, I personally mux text-based soft-subs into my MP4 movies for later consumption in Apple ecosystem. I download them (usually in .srt format) from the web.
    About Subtitles

    PS If you've managed to create a MKV file with several bitmap-subs from a DVD or BluRay disk, then Subler is able to OCR those into timed-text subs, provided you have installed the necessary language dictionaries. In my experience though, the quality of OCR varies and is at it's worst with english language. Go figure.
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    I always use Make MKV as a first step.

    Once the DVD (or Blu-Ray) has been scanned there are several languages (sometimes lots!) of subtitles to choose from.

    I usually deselect everything but English and select the 'forced only' as well.

    Process the disk into a MKV file, then Handbrake the file - select the subtitle tab then add a subtitle from the drop-down area.

    Works well for me.

    Good luck!
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    Hmmm... I do appreciate the careful responses.

    But I think I'll just drop this DVD into the vertical storage bin and rent out a copy when/if I want to see it. Makes no sense to overcomplicate things for 1-movie with subtitles.

    I'm actually ripping my whole DVD collection and this is the only movie I have like this, hence my thoughts forwards.

    Thanks for responses though
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    Consider adding the forced subtitle tracks to all your rips.

    Many movies have short sections of foreign spoken language and text (letters/notes, building names, road signs, etc) that are normally translated when watching the disc.

    If you don't do that you won't get that subtitling. And if that happens htf would you know what the Klingons are saying?!?
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    Klingons ? nah, those don't exist. I only believe in santa claus !

    And he always speaks the local language !


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