Handbrake Tips, converting library to be iTunes friendly.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Kingcodez, Apr 24, 2010.

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    May 13, 2009
    HDD died awhile back, I figured I might as well convert everything to play nice with itunes.

    I am currently using the newest Handbrake, with crap quality tv shows, I was just using the 'normal' encoding scheme, but what about 720p Movies, or the standard 'ok looking' 700 meg AVI's?

    I'm not really looking to down the file size that much, just retain the quality.
    AVI->MP4 will down the size and keep the quality right?
    I noticed an episode of seinfeld was 220mb to start, after encoding at normal it was like 180 or 160 or something. That's cool since there's like 200 episodes.

    Under the quality setting in HB, it's set to 'constant quality 60% RF:20 (20 FPS i'm assuming.)
    That means that nothing will go lower than 20, it'll try to keep the FPS same as source right?

    Or should I be adjusting the bitrate?
    I saw some posts here about automating the whole process, I'll probably just do that so when I add new content it'll just be taken care of. I have little now so I don't mind doing it by hand. I just dont wanna convert everything then figure out that I could've saved 100 gigs if I clicked the other button.

    What is the high profile encoding? Is that better suited to HD videos?
    I'm mainly going to keep everything 720p, I don't have BR nor a TV that will play it. Not for a year or so anyways. so it's not a concern.

    So far the episodes look ok.

    Are there any other tips for using, and/or shrinking the file size a tad?
    I basically kept everything at default, using the h264 codec to encode. Should I be using the other (mpeg) one?

    The end use for this media is streaming from a mac mini, and played on the TV.
  2. kevk74 macrumors newbie


    Apr 27, 2010
    New Hampshire
    Converting videos to itunes using VideoDrive

    I am by no means an expert... mostly using avi's and the importing with the program VideoDrive... it basically accesses IMDB, grabs the metadata (synopsis, genre, etc) then grabs the converart for the dvd using Amazon's site, then converts the avi using Quicktime 7 or Quicktime X, but they mention elegato turbo for faster encoding...haven't tried. I will say they claimed future updates would not be Quicktime dependent for conversions, but seem to still be :(

    It has "issues" with particular mp4's and I result to using "Toast 10" to convert, but can't understand why a Toast conversion takes 24hrs sometimes for a 1.5G mp4? I have the settings for Apple TV (automatic)... I have 3 choices Apple TV High, Auto, & quickest...

    But as far as converting to .m4V's, VideoDrive has been awesome. Takes about 20-30mins and its into itunes converted to .m4V and seems "cleaned up" even though I choose #7 convert to iphone quality(600mb-1.2G for 1.5hr movie) as opposed to #6 Optimized Apple TV... file sizes sometimes increase or decrease 10% but video cleaner, able to be played on portable media too(ipod, itouch, etc) an managed by itunes or ATV and with synopsis and coverart, etc its wonderful. Currently have a collection of 400+ and just bought 1.5T external and moved everything off my internal hd after maxing my 500GB internal drive...

    Downside my video library is giant and growing and now needs an external for playback... but that is only thanks to Videodrive and 30min processing and hotfolders to process 10+ videos while I'm asleep or at work! It even checks all metadata for chosen videos to convert to itunes 1st! (lets me see if it found the right info on IMDB and coverart, then I can reject any that are incorrect and add my own at that point or just proceed. My itunes library is a beautiful sight...considering Boxee and jailbreaking my ATV, but Videodrive supporting that now too!
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    Jan 28, 2009
    I use Handbrake too. Reading about VideoDrive here and sounds really good.

    Can someone who has VideoDrive tell me what the speed comparision are like coverting to Apple TV compared with Handbrake? I have an iMac 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2Gb RAM.

    If it converts faster I like the look of the interface and the meta tagging and so would consider buying it.

    If anyone who has it can tell me this would be appreciated. Also does it convert straight from DVD or do you have to to RIP it to a Video_TS folder first and then can it be converted from there?


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