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    May 21, 2010
    Is Handbrake free? How exactly do you use so i can put my dvd's in Itunes?
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    Yes, it is free
    To encode for iTunes directly from a DVD you will also need to install VLC

    From there, it is pretty straightforward
    Start the app, find your source and choose your settings
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    Here's a link to the Handbrake "user's guide". It's still kind of technical, but if you use the presets in Handbrake, you can't go wrong.


    Here's the simplified process:
    1. Install VLC (from http://videolan.org/). It's free.
    2. Install Handbrake (from http://handbrake.fr/). It's free too!
    3. Insert a DVD; close the DVD player application.
    4. Launch Handbrake.
    5. Choose the DVD when the "Open" window appears.
    6. Choose a preset on the right side for what format you want (e.g., iPhone, iPad, AppleTV).
    7. By default, the file will save to your Desktop. That's good for now.
    8. Click Start. The process will take some time, even with a fast Mac.
    9. When it's done, it dings. You will now have a file on your Desktop.
    10. Launch iTunes.
    11. Drag the file from the Desktop into iTunes.
    12. Sync your iPhone/iPad with iTunes and enable "Sync Movies".
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