Handoff and Airdrop


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Jul 10, 2010
Birmingham, UK
I haven't been able to use handoff or Airdrop on my iPhone running iOS 8.0.2 since PB4, its the same on PB5 so I'm guessing this is to do with iOS 8.0.2? I've tried signing out of iCloud on both devices, restarting, and signing back in, which fixed the issue one way temporarily but the phone seems to have problems staying connected to my mac, but it's not working again. Airdrop doesn't work at all, the devices don't see each other.

Just wanted to see if others are experiencing this, its driving me nuts :mad: It worked fine a week or so ago, pretty much until PB4 and 8.0.2 dropped.


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Jun 28, 2013
AirDrop working much better in public beta 5 for me, it even works between my 5s on iOS 7 and my MacBook Pro.

Had 4 devices doing airdrop and it was fast multiple images etc..

But then all of a sudden my Macbook stop showing up, but I'm doing this with my macbook just on Ethernet, shouldn't be different but I'll try wifi.

I'll try handoff next.
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