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    I can't get handoff to work properly. I can make/receive calls/texts from my cMBP to my iPhone 5. However, I can't get Safari handoff to work on either. I don't see the icon on the dock of my cMBP or on my iPhone 5. Both are on the same Wi-Fi network, both have Bluetooth on (though the cMBP does not see the iPhone 5), both are using the same iCloud account, and both have Handoff enabled. Any thoughts?
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    Log out of iCloud on all devices. Turn all devices off. Log turn Mac on and log onto iCloud. Double check that Handoff is enable (you said it was). Log onto iPhone. It can turn on immediately or take a little while.

    This is what finally worked for me.

    Here's where I got the info: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1803192

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