Hands-on with qronoCase, the modular armor for iPhone 5/5s

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by htseng22, Jan 8, 2014.

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    Jan 8, 2014

    If a flimsy plastic case has never matched the feeling nor the texture of Apple’s signature aluminum casing when installed onto your iPhone, then the qronoCase for iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s might be the best $199 you spent on a cell phone accessory.

    Designed to achieve curvatures in sports car and same level of refined touch as Apple’s aluminum casing, says the manufacturer. This beautiful case has joined the world of luxury and electronic products.


    All the functions are there, and an elastic strap system has been installed to help you prevent drops while multitasking such as texting and playing games. It worked well on the go and even laying down.


    Thickness, however, wasn’t exactly what we get used to right away. I have fond memories of slipping naked iPhone into my jeans effortlessly, but using qronoCase felt different. That’s because the design of the elastic strap system and the depth of its storage compartment.


    Total dexterity is something that would be probably achieved after a few days acquainting yourself with the case’s dimensions.

    Getting the strap system to work ergonomically with you hands doesn’t happen by magic. Two sliders on both ends of the strap can be adjusted to fit your hands in different positions. The case was clearly made with some usability consideration, like the dovetailed front and back that snap snugly together, and the generous cutouts and buttons that offer easy access to the phone's controls, switches, and ports.

    The reception problem among aluminum cases doesn’t seem be a problem for qronoCase. With a rectangular cutout next to the power button, says the manufacture, it minimized the effect of any cases that would have on reception. In fact, testing the case during my commute to work and business trips, I had no problem dialing out and receiving calls.


    For my money, $199 is a lot to spend on a case, but with few high-end cases on the market, if you want a case feels and touches like an Apple product, this one is a viable choice.
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    First post, joined today? Sounds like someone who works for this case company and that price point is just way too much!
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    I disagree.

    I think he's the owner.
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    i never got why people would want their wallet with their phone, I'm fine with having the two separate. when i am at home i don't need my wallet, i just need my phone.
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    Right here

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