Happy 4th Birthday to the first Mac I bought

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by blodwyn, Jul 7, 2008.

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    I came across the receipt for the 1st Mac I ever bought - my trusty 12" G4 1.33GHz Powerbook, which I bought 4 years ago today. It caused me a couple of minutes of reflection....

    I was a disgruntled Windows user, and became increasingly intrigued by OS X while watching Leo and Kevin enthuse on the Screensavers (RIP). So, 4 years ago I took the plunge and became a switcher, and my Powerbook became my main system in a Microsoft-dominated corporate technology company.

    My learning curve was not too bad, thanks to following forums like this one, and I pretty soon became comfortable living in a Mac environment. I distinctly remember the first time I applied a software update - I had done plenty of Windows updates, and knew I could cope with pretty much any Windows update issues, but I'd never done an OS X update before and was not sure what I'd do if it went wrong. Of course it didn't go wrong, and I've never had any OS X update go wrong, through upgrading from Panther to all the Tiger updates, and now through all the Leopard updates.

    I've found my expectations have changed too - when I was updating Windows and it didn't seem to be doing anything for a while, my (correct) assumption was that it had hung and I needed to restart. Now if My Mac's update doesn't seem to be doing anything, my assumption is that it's busy and I should leave it, and sure enough it finishes whatever it's doing and all is well.

    It also occurred to me that, apart from upgrading the memory sometime in 2005, that I have never powered it off. It's spent it's whole life either working or sleeping, including sleeping through more plane journeys than I care to remember. Apart from reboots for software update purposes, I've probably only had to force a reboot a few times for early adopter Tiger or Leopard issues. I remember getting at least one kernel panic grey screen some years ago, there may have been a second, but I really can't remember.

    Since then I added a G5 iMac, an Intel Mini, and a MacBook Pro for work. The Powerbook is still in daily use in a nook in our kitchen area, now running Leopard and mainly used for surfing and email/webapps.

    So my nervousness 4 years ago at the prospect of switching was completely unfounded. Apart from an iMac PSU failure (fixed for free under the extended repair program) none of my Mac's have given me a hint of trouble. Sure I've had a few questions, which mainly got answered through this forum, but nothing that ever got in the way of getting my work done.

    So, for me at least, the saying that 'it just works' has been borne out in practice, and I'd like to pass on my thanks to all the helpful members of the Mac community for the encouragement and help given to others like me.
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    congrats, its great not seeing a post entitled. my mac broke or something like that because it seems that while macs usually work, no one posts their highs, just their lows

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