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    Ok, in September, 2013 I bought a new Apple Superdrive(ASD) from a Apple Reseller here in the country of Costa Rica. I used this device to "Burn" around five-hundred(500) copies from my extensive DVD Movie Collection. I used this ASD with my Refurbished MM(Late 2012) and MM(Late 2014) which I purchased from the Apple On-Line Store.

    A couple of weeks ago the ASD started scratching a couple of my DVD Copy Discs. So, last week I took this ASD to the same Apple Reseller's Repair Shop who issued me today a brand new one in place of this 1 1/2 year-old defective ASD due to having Apple Care coverage on my MM(Late 2014). I only needed to present copies of the receipt of original purchase of the ASD,MM and AppleCare Plan.

    According to my AppleCare Plan if you purchased a ASD no earlier than two(2) years before the covered equipment (MM(Late 2014) purchased June, 2015) it will also cover a ASD.

    Also, for your information, AppleCare will also cover a Airport Express,Airport Extreme,Time Capsule,Apple Ram Modules, etc. i read the aforementioned in my copy of my AppleCare Plan, Par. 3.2(i)(c).

    A new ASD would have set me back around $130 here in Costa Rica

    I continue to be one happy Apple Fanboy due to my AppleCare paying-off big-time!
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