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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by westernmass, Jun 13, 2008.

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    We bought a Macbook and Time capsule and a few other things the day before the new promo started with the back to school program. I had heard about something brewing but it was one of those things were my wifes laptop crapped out and we wanted our first Mac sooner rather then later. We were asked about students or teachers (sister inlaw is) that could help give us a discount. We just did not have time to get her in that day. You know how it is, new toys want now, can't wait another day !!!!! :):):):)

    So the next day comes they make the annoucement for the program. So I am in the store a day or so later and ask, "do I have to bring everything in with sister to get discount and Touch?" I was told nope bring in reciept and we will take care of it. So last night the wife and sister inlaw head to the store with the reciept. They were in and out with the Touch in less then ten minutes!!! :cool::cool::cool: VERY HAPPY!!!! Just a few more months and I get my first Mac as well!
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