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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by surfbo740, May 7, 2010.

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    I pre-ordered "the wallet" from HOS while their google checkout system was active. Several days ago I canceled my original pre-order as instructed, due to HOS not realizing that google checkout couldn't be used for pre-orders. I received a "you've been refunded" email just as I'm sure others here have, but after checking my bank statements, this doesn't seem to be the case. Meanwhile I'd pre-ordered for a second time through PayPal and was promptly charged another $15 deposit fee. Just wondering if anyone has actually gotten a refund yet or if I'm possibly getting scammed/had a possible glitch with my refund.:confused:

    Thanks in advance to all.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    You were instructed to cancel your preorder? Was that in an email? I must have missed something. I have had it on preorder for a week or so and have not had that notice.

    I recommend contacting them. I emailed them about a different thing and they were very responsive.
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    surfbo - i'm sorry it's taking so long for your refund to show up on your statements. this process is entirely in Google's hands unfortunately, so I looked up their policy on refunds and how to check the status of one. this is what they say:

    When the seller refunds your order, your Google Checkout account should reflect this change immediately. Cancelled orders are automatically refunded. When an order is refunded or cancelled, you will automatically receive an email notification from Google Checkout.

    Verify the refund has been finalized in your Google Checkout account. You may still notice a pending authorization on your credit/debit card, which will expire from your account in 1 to 14 business days. Contact your bank for details.

    We're a small startup, so in order to try to make our products available on a large scale we have to try and take advantage of the kinds of tools that equalize us with our much larger competitors - google checkout was exactly that kind of tool - unfortunately tho, we end up with a lot less control over the actual handling of our customers orders.

    please email me directly if you have any concerns about your refund at devon@happyowlstudio.com

    zepaw, to clear it up for you, last week we took our pre-ordering down for a few days because we had to shift over to a new checkout system. those customers who used our old system, Google checkout, were asked to send a request to cancel their orders so we could have them move their orders to our new checkout system.

    sorry for the headache in changing your orders folks, we really regret the mistake we made by overlooking Google's policies about pre-ordering but we fully acknowledge that it was our mistake.

    we also want to let everyone know that it has not impacted our production schedule or planned June ship date. we know everyone wants a more precise ship-date, and we'll announce one as we get closer.

    again, surfbo or anyone else, please do not hesitate to email me (devon@happyowlstudio.com) or give me a call (323 393 3615) if you have any concerns about google checkout refunds, confusion over why we're transitioning checkout systems, or whatever else.

    Devon Read
    Happy Owl Studio

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