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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Counterfit, Jun 18, 2006.

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    So yesterday (Friday), I was at my desk at work, playing poker, and I got a call on my cell phone from my uncle's company, asking if I could help at the strike for the Rhode Island Pride Festival (no one mentioned what kind of pride it was, I figured that it could be anything, but that's not important at all.) My call was at 8PM, and thanks to normal Saturday night traffic, Waterfire traffic, and people waiting for the illuminated parade, I managed to get there for 8:30.
    Anyways, I get to work taking down some trusses used for admission gates (I think). While working the first gate, the parade starts, and cries of "Happy Pride!" almost make my head explode. (Dudes dancing in tightie-whities (and reddies for one guy) I can deal with, but how can you have a happy abstract concept? :confused: ) At the last gate, I finally decide to take my jacket off. After the towers came down, the girl I was working with offered to carry my water and jacket, as I had to carry the ladder. This is where my night went to ****.
    "Where is your coat?"
    I looked down around the towers, where I had put it, and there it was: gone. I looked all over, asked the guy who grabbed the trash, a police officer said they found a coat, but it wasn't mine. I had to get back to work, and we finished around 11.
    Not only was my phone in the jacket, but so was the parking ticket I had, because I parked at the mall. That would have cost $20, and been a PITA to prove it was my car, but the dude at the booth was awesome and let me out for free when I told him I was working at the festival. (If you ever read this, awesome-dude, you made my night that less ******. :))
    Of course, I was also almost out of gas too, and had to go quite a ways out of the city before I found an open gas station.
    I posted on craigslist about my coat and phone. I don't really care about the almost-full pack of citrusmint Orbit right now.
    The fact that I was less than 10 feet away from my coat when it was taken makes me say GAH! :mad: :(
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    Happy Pride for Rhode Island. I wanted to go to my Pride (it was back on the 1-4th of this month, but I had no way down.

    That sucks about your coat. I hope you find it.

    Yay for Pride! Show that stupid ***** that goes to those soldiers funerals to protest the use accepting homosexuality.... ehhh, I won't start, long pointless battle. My friend Karma's gonna get her (Karma if you ask I'm gonna be shocked.... to save us the trouble here's the def of Karma:

    YAY FOR PRIDE DAY. And sorry about your coat :(
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    sitting on your shoulder
    I was somewhat surprised that I didn't see a single "God Hates Fags"-type sign. But then, this was in the first city to elect an openly gay mayor. Heck:
    I just wish some nimrod HADN'T put stickers for one of the guys running for a senate seat on some of the trusses. :mad:

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